The Ganja Project is a video based brainchild of producer, M. Omari Jackson. At the advent of an economic revolution for Jamaica, this project will document travels through Jamaica, interviews with cannabis industry stakeholders, information gathering and dissemination and ganja lifestyle propagation. We’ll learn about the ganja plant and we’ll learn about the industry that has been held down for decades and can be of substantial benefit to the Jamaican economy and the world at large.- One Love

Interview segments

We spoke with Bruce Linton Founder of Canopy Growth Corporation out of Canada at CamEx 2018 about the local industry. Hear what her has to say about ganja as a tourism product.

Wayne V. Isaacs is the founder of a vertically integrated company in Jamaica. He has Jamaican roots and is stakes a lot in “Brand Jamaica”.

Martin Jelsma has dedicated years of his life to the cause of small farmers and indigenous communities. The “War on Drugs” has caused major disruptions in communities. This is an initiative ot rectify that.

Dr. Henry Lowe is a notable medical practitioner and cannabis pioneer. Holding the patents to numerous cannabis therapeutic products, here he extolls on the Jamaican industry, in 2018.